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16th-Jun-2007 09:44 am(no subject)
I have a bet on with a cousin of mine, and I'm hoping someone can help me win it:

Does porn (as in, professionally produced pr0n - I already know internet slash exists about this) exist modeled on the PC/Mac commericals?

She says no, I am positive the answer is yes, and I'm hoping someone else's google-fu can help me out there.

(In other news, still in Michigan - the wedding is today. Bored. Had to spend yesterday on a golf course, playing what I maintain is the world's silliest sport. On the other hand, they let you drink while you zip around in those little carts, so it's not ALL bad.)
24th-Apr-2007 07:13 pm(no subject)
My lesbianism is shaken.

Because I would so do this man.

(Link slightly political, since it's about a ridiculously hot anti-war Marine, but it mostly has to do with said Marine being a hot badass, so I figure it's safe to leave it uncut.)
9th-Apr-2007 02:08 pm(no subject)
You know, I went 22 years without ever learning that John McLaughlin is white?

It's a weirdly surreal thing to discover at this point.
soviet russia
So, uh, does anyone have anything negative to report about Box? It's a rather clever online storage (which we all know means "mp3 sharing") service that allows for a lot of really helpful services I've long wished YouSend et. all had.

Basically, you can listen to the publicly posted stuff (for example, this right here), and if you want to download you can get an account (the basic ones are free, and pretty generous with space) and transfer them onto your account, then download onto your computer. It's kinda slick.

ETA: Though it would be slicker if I could make the embedded folder for blogs work. Boo, hiss!
30th-Mar-2007 03:46 pm - FASCINATING DISCOVERIES
So I'm wearing a new bra today, and this thing's jiggle-protection is so scant that my boobs wriggle when I laugh. Not, like, loud laughing either, little titters are enough.

I have no idea if other people can see them get jiggy. I HOPE NOT.

I just thought I'd share.
21st-Mar-2007 12:17 pm - I am such an Arthurian lore nerd.
Why is it that there are twelve gazillion pages on Arthurian stuff I don't care about (Y HALO THAR LANCELOT'S LOVE LIFE), and yet I can find not a one mention on the entirety of the internets about how weird it is that Brunor le Noir 'La Cote Mal Taillée' dislikes Lancelot for killing his brother Daniel, but his other brother, Dinadan, is buddy-buddy with Mr. du Lac? I mean, we know that Dinadan gets along with practically everybody, but still. Is he the worst family member in the world or what?

I've wondered about the weirdness of Dinadan and Brunor le Noir being brothers for years, and it makes me sad that I am apparently the only person ever to think about it. It's just, here is Brunor, DRIPPING WITH ANGST, with a dead brother and a murdered father, and here is Dinadan, off skylarking with Tristan and Palomides. Can you imagine family dinners?

Dinadan: So, uh, how was your day?
Dinadan: So, no change from yesterday. Um. The weather is very nice today!
Dinadan: Pass the peas.

It's just so random. Most of the time they never shut up about Blood Ties, why is it that the one time I'm actually interested, there's jackshit?
4th-Mar-2007 02:58 am(no subject)
Note to self:

If I ever develop enough writing ambition to actually finish a novel I start, writing a mystery with a female lead, set in 1790s New Jersey, could potentially be awesome. It could have French Revolution-fleeing nobles and Federalists and femslashy overtones!

It would be particularly awesome because 1790s New Jersey was kind of a good place to be a woman, as these things go. If you had 50 pounds to your name, twenty-one years of existence on the planet to your credit, and no husband, you could vote! And the lingering influences of the war (where women repeatedly proved their mettle) meant that being considered intelligent and independent was not necessarily a bad thing for a woman. To be fair this was because it was thought that a woman who personally embraced the virtues of liberty would raise sons who would, also, and that was the important factor, but even a small opportunity for women to use their brains was better than none.

Another note to self:

Probably should check this LJ thing more often. It's just that all my icons are over on JF, y'know?
3rd-Mar-2007 04:42 pm - Observation:
Even months after I first heard it, John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change" still pushes me into a near-homicidal rage.

I am giving him his own tag of detestation just to get across how deeply, deeply, deeply I loathe that song.
16th-Feb-2007 12:11 am - Announcement, YouTube:
My worldview does not allow for the existance of music videos for Lilo and Stitch to "Bring Me To Life".

Thus, I reject your reality and substitute my own.
I imagine many of you are fans of The Last Unicorn. For you, therefore, I bear excellent tidings of awesomeness, both to get awesome swag and to help poor Peter S Beagle, who has been having major troubles, out:

Autographed copies of the movie, book, and the limited edition sequel! For really reasonable prices, too.
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